Our worship schedule includes one worship services each Sunday at 9 a.m.  Holy Communion is served each Sunday and all are welcome to the Lord's table. 

We also offer Sunday School for all ages 3 years old through 6th grade each Sunday from 10:15  - 11:15 a.m.  All children are welcome!   Confirmation classes are also offered on Wednesday evenings from 6 - 7:45 p.m. for all 7th - 9th graders. 

There is a coffee / fellowship time after worship at 10:15 a.m. each Sunday and Adult Forum is held each Sunday beginning at 10:15 a.m., also. 

We welcome and encourage you to come join us as you are able!

 During the summer months we do not hold Sunday School classes.     


We always celebrate the presence of children at our worship services and most services include a “Children’s Sermon” at which time the children are invited to the front of the sanctuary for a special message from the Pastor. 


Our building is wheel-chair accessible and has an elevator.  We seek to be a welcoming and inclusive community of faith.


All are welcome at the Lord’s Table, whether Lutheran or not, a member of this church or not.  The Lord’s Supper is for all Christians. On the first Sunday of the month, communion is served by individual cups, kneeling at the altar railing.  On all other Sundays, communion is served by intinction in a continuous method.  With intinction, the communion participant comes forward, receives the bread and then dip it into the chalice of either the wine or the white grape juice before eating it.  We do offer gluten free wafers at all communion services. 


Children not yet prepared for Holy Communion are encouraged to come forward and receive a blessing.  Anyone not able to come forward to receive communion are invited to inform one of the ushers and they will let the pastor know and communion will be brought to you in your pew.  This is the table, not of the Church, but of the Lord.  It is made ready for those who love him and for those who want to love him more.  So, come, you who have much faith and you who have little, you who have been here often and you who have not been here long, you who have tried to follow and you who have failed.  Come, because it is the Lord who invites you.  It is His will that those who want him should meet him here. 


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