A warm handshake and smile goes a long way during this winter season!  Please check the Greeters sign-up sheet located in the Gathering Area and see if you could fill an open spot during May and June.  All it takes is 15 minutes before services and a friendly personality!     




http://www.captioneditor.newsletternewsletter.com/CaptionEditor/ProcessedImages/commit31_web.jpg?guid=7bc7a8a5-31dd-4ff1-a615-3b2af8c4bb5aIf you are 55 and over, we would love to have you join the committee.  The committee meets eight times a year – they do not meet in January, June, July or August.  They meet on the first Wednesday of the months that they do meet at 9 a.m. at the church.  They plan events for the seniors, host the coffee fellowship between services in February, and host two “Senior and Friends Days” each year – one in May and one in October.  They are also looking for someone that would be interested in being the secretary for the committee for the next year.  The next meeting is on Wednesday, February 1st, at 9 a.m. If you are interested, or have questions, talk with Sue Thomsen-Moon or just come to the next meeting.


9 a.m.  Ushers:  Tom Weber, Capt., Hank Drews, Peter Conery, Jerry Sharon and Carol Weber
            Acolyte:  Layla Raleigh
            Reader:  Paula Burnett
            Communion helpers:  Camren and Robin Gullickson
            Clicker:  Mugs De Fore

Sunday, June 4
9 a.m.  Ushers:  Floyd Nestrud, Capt., Roger Harris, Keith Wille, Leon Siverhus and Patrick Raleigh
Reader:  Marguerite DeFore
Communion helpers:  Shelley Jokinen and Mugs DeFore
Clicker:  Peter Conery

Sunday, June 11
9 a.m. Ushers:  Lloyd Johnson, Capt., Josh Mack, Martin Withuski, Lynn Lomen
Reader:  Jennifer Powell
Communion helpers:  Jennifer Powell and Kathy Conery
Clicker:  Peter Conery

Sunday, June 18
9 a.m. Ushers:  Jim Sandahl, Capt., Ron Kuehn, Camren Gullickson, Mark Walker and Jon Sime
Reader:  Chris Shivers
Communion helpers:  Ann Kriesel and Pam Seekel
Clicker:  Jeff Thomsen

Sunday, June 25
9 a.m.  Ushers:  Ed Seekel, Capt., Jim Schuster, Denny Dey, Mel Friedrich, and Brady Seekel
Reader:  Pete Heaney
Communion helpers:  Paula Burnett and Merritt Heaney
Clicker:  Mugs DeFore

Sunday, July 2
9 a.m.  Ushers:  Jay Swanson, Capt., Adele Urhammer, Ted Thomsen, and Maureen Thomsen
Communion helpers

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The worship committee is looking for volunteer s to serve in worship services.

They are looking for volunteers to assist with the following positions:  Lesson Readers, Power Point Clicker’s and communion assistants.  If you are interesting sharing your time and talent in one of these tasks as part of worship, please contact Jennifer Braun Pixley 651 253 3782 or email mrs.allen69j@gmail.com or Merritt Heaney at 651 336 7365 mnheane01@gmail.com .  Or you can sign up on the list in the gathering space on Sunday mornings.


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