March Food Shelf Month

Feed a Family    Because No One Should Have to Sit at a table that is Empty!

St. Paul Lutheran will once again take part in the MN Food Share March Campaign for our local Valley Outreach Food Shelf.  What does it take to feed your family? Donate Food or Funds!  Make a donation to cover your family’s favorite meal, or your weekly food budget!  Take care of families in your community.

The slogan for this 2019 is again “Feed A Family” because this table should not be empty. Every Sunday during March we are asking for different food items that are needed at Valley Outreach. The weeks are as follows:
March 3: paper products, peanut butter, vegetable oil, and spices;
March 10: all kinds of juice, canned items such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish;
March 17: hot and dry cereal, hearty meal soups, pasta, and pasta sauce;
March 24: dish soap, laundry soap and any personal toiletries for all ages including all baby items.

Let’s fill our “Feed a Family House” located at the top of the stairs from the 4th street entrance.

Look for those weekly slips of paper identifying items needed on Sundays during the March campaign. A donated bag of groceries can go a long way by mixing and matching the items you choose. You can help a family eat a balanced and nutritious meal. They also welcome money donations.

They are open for donated "seasonal" new or gently used clothing on Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m). "The standard at Joseph’s Coat is that if we would not wear or use an item, we do not ask our guests to do so either." Other items besides clothing they can use are shoes, books for adults and children, children’s games and toys; candles; hygiene products, household items including pots and pans, sheets, blankets, towels, and etc. They do not take electronic devices, appliances, mattresses, building supplies, gas-powered equipment, or knives. If you have any items you would like to donate to Joseph’s Coat, you can bring them to the church and put them in the upstairs hallway cupboard marked "Joseph’s Coat". Kathy Thibodeau is a regular volunteer at Joseph's Coat and we appreciate her willingness to deliver our items to them in St. Paul. ~ Thank you, Kathy!!! ~

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of water and either join us for discussion in Adult Forum or just sit and visit in the Gathering Area while you enjoy some treats.  March treats are provided by the Social Concerns committee.  Thank you!

Would you like to help prepare PowerPoints?
“It’s so easy, a caveman can do it! Calling all YOUNG ADULTS to consider if they would be able to help with the weekly PowerPoints.  There is a template and instructions that will be sent to you and only takes about an hour to create the PowerPoint for the Sunday you have signed up for.  Please email ( or reach out to Jacqueline (Jackie) Shoeberg for more information.”
How to volunteer to help at Valley Outreach Food Shelf

Valley Outreach has seen incredible growth over the past year and has presented us with even more opportunities for volunteers to help!  To start this process, church members need to complete an application and attend an orientation using our community volunteer process:

1.  Complete an application at

2.  Click on the green “Apply Now”

3.  After you have completed the on-line application, you will sign up for an orientation

4.  Create your own schedule to volunteer! 

The orientation dates and times are:  Tuesday, January 22nd from 5 – 5:30 p.m. and Tuesday, February 19th, from 5 – 5:30 p.m. 


THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered to serve on the different shifts at Hope for the Journey Home in February.  It will be a busy week as they have had seven (7) families at the shelter since January.  The Social Concerns Committee would like to thank Scott and Jan Strandemo, Jim and Carol Schuster, Jenny Powell, Jeff and Patty Thomsen, Verna Pittman and Adele for volunteering at the shelter this month.  We will be hosting the beginning week of September 15, partnering with First United Methodist Church of Stillwater.  Your volunteering help is much appreciated by the staff and families at Hope for the Journey Home.







Sunday, March 3

Jay Swanson, Capt., Adele Urhammer, Ted Thomsen, Maureen Thomsen

Mugs DeFore

1.  Mugs DeFore

2. Jim Schuster

3. Carol Schuster


Jennifer Braun Pixley

Ash Wednesday

March 6

11:30 a.m. service

Jerry Schlagel, Lloyd Johnson, Martin Withuski, Gus MacDonald


1.Sonja Hindahl-Ponath





Ash Wednesday

March 6

7 p.m. service

Tom Weber, Hank Drews,

Carol Weber, Jerry Sharon


1.  Jennifer Braun Pixley





Sunday, March 10

Jeff Brower, Amelia Brower, Peter Hockin, Jeff Thomsen, Jerry Schlagel

Hank Drews

1.  Paula Burnett



Mary Jo Drews

Lenten service


March 13

11:30 a.m.

Floyd Nestrud, Adele Urhammer, Keith Wille,

Leon Siverhus

7 p.m.

Lloyd Johnson, Josh Mack, Martin Withuski,

Lynn Lomen



Sunday, March 17

Leonard Schrade, Capt.,

Gus MacDonald, Paul Glaser, Tim Gangnon

Chris Shivers


1.Mugs DeFore




Lenten service


March 20

11:30 a.m.

Jerry Schlagel, Lloyd Johnson, Martin Withuski, Carol Weber

7 p.m.

Jim Sandahl, Ron Kuehn, Camren Gullickson,

Mark Walker


Sunday, March 24

Ed Seekel, Capt., Jim Schuster, Denny Dey, Mel Friedrich


1. Youth

2. Youth

3.  Youth

Mugs DeFore

Lenten service


March 27

11:30 a.m.

Leonard Schrade, Jim Schuster, Ron Kuehn,

Hank Drews

7 p.m.

Tom Weber, Hank Drews, Carol Weber, Jerry Sharon


Sunday, March 31

1st 5th Sunday of the year

Jay Swanson, Capt., Adele Urhammer, Ted Thomsen, Maureen Thomsen







Youth Connections Drop-In Center (YCDC) at St. Paul Lutheran Church is serving many youth experiencing homelessness and unstable housing. Since opening in September of 2018 we have seen 18 unduplicated youth with 51 visits to the Drop-In Center. Youth are spreading the word via word of mouth and we have seen new youth each month.  Youth are feeling comfortable sharing their story with volunteers, enjoy eating hot meals and looking at and receiving donations from the donation room.  Youth have enjoyed hot showers and the new washer and dryer have been used and work well.  The partnership between the church and St. Croix Family Resource Center is solid.  The St. Croix Resource Center is exploring replicating this model in South Washington County by beginning talks with the community.  Thank you for prayers, support, and love as we continue grow this mission.

The next volunteer training will be held February 21st from 6:00-9:00. Please sign up by leaving your name and email outside of the sanctuary.

Gas cards                                                Tuna and tuna snack packs
Microwave Mac & Cheese        
                   Ramen cups all flavors
Can veggies and soups (with “pull tops” – no can opener needed)
Peanut butter                                          Case of water bottles
Cracker packets with cheese or peanut butter
Paper plates                                            Individual cereal packs
Microwave mini raviolis/spaghetti/stew (“pull tops”)
Juice boxes                                              Pop tarts
Fruit snacks                                             Laundry baskets

2019 Flower Chart

The 2019 Flower Chart is hanging on the cork board strips near the elevator.  If you would like to provide flowers for a special occasion or in honor or memory of a loved one some Sunday during the year, please sign up. 

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Upcoming Events

Do you like to read?

We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers that would be willing to be a “reader” to one of our members who has a vision problem.  Volunteer time would preferably be weekly, from 1 – 2 hours per visit.  Material to be read is provided to the reader – it might include books, newsletters, or newspapers.  Local Stillwater location, usually at the member’s home.  Any age can volunteer, but you have to have your own transportation.  Details of the visits would be arranged between the member and the volunteer.  Contact church secretary, Carol Weber, or Parish Nurse, Linda Peterson for more information or to volunteer.