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Pastor Scott

Dear Friends in Christ,

We’re hastily making our way through this wintery Lenten Season toward Easter. The last day of this month – March 31st – is the last day of Lent. April 1st – no foolin’ – is Easter Sunday. Alleluia!! For me, this Lenten season has been very meaningful to me in my spiritual growth – I’m grateful!!

The three Wednesday night themes left to address during our Wednesday foolishly faithful sermon series are going to be unveiled on March 7th, 14th, and 21st. We’ll look at how we can join others in times of worship and specifically in prayer as a way of seeking guidance and openness to others and their input into our lives vs. being closed off. The world emphasizes independence. We’re aiming for foolish interdependence and humility. We’ll look at being foolishly generous when we give of our time and energy as well as specifically giving in financial ways to support God’s mission that God has called us to attend to that requires funding with the money God has entrusted to us on loan. Finally, we’ll look at the foolish way of being faithful as we witness to others about God’s work in the world and even give gracious invitations for people to join us in the work of worship and serving that God has given to us.

I’m pleased at how well our worship leaders and the entire worshipping community is adjusting to and welcoming just having the one worship service and combining leadership and music from both the more traditional service and the casual service into one time span. God’s peace and wisdom is helping us to make the best decisions we can make and to be a gracious as we can along the way. These times of praising God and having fellowship in the Lord’s house with all of you have been very meaningful to me.

I’ve been doing a ton of listening to people about their perceptions in terms of where they believe St. Paul’s Church is at these days as a congregation to begin my time as your intentional interim pastor. It’s normal for an interim pastor’s time of being with a congregation for the first several months to be primarily one of observation, stabilization, and just doing the work of a pastor: preaching, teaching, visiting, planning, etc.. I’ll look forward to more specific updates about the interim process once we get through Lent and past Easter. These are certainly busy days that God is blessings us (me!) with!!

In Christ,

Pastor Scott Jakel

March Health Minute!


March is dedicated to saving your vision. Eye health is something that you’re never too young to start working on. Unfortunately, vision changes become fairly unavoidable as you get older, especially if you’ve spent a good amount of time in front of a computer screen.

Sight loss prevent tips to help keep your eyes happy and healthy:

Receive regular eye exams. Even if you’ve never been to an eye doctor before, you should start going. Certain eye diseases can strike with few or no symptoms, especially over the age of 60. Regular eye exams might catch and stop these conditions early. Most are treatable - usually with medicine or surgery - but can be detrimental if not caught early enough

Take a break from the computer. Eye strain from electronics is a growing issue for all ages. Many jobs require people to sit in front of a computer screen, and trouble with vision occurs in over 50% of people that use computers. You can invest in software that takes the brightness out of the computer screen, but you can also just get up and give your eyes a break from the light every now and then. And remember to BLINK!

Improve your diet. Carrots really are good for your eyes! Carrots have a high level of beta carotene, aka vitamin A, which your eyes use for seeing at night. You can reduce the risk of various eye diseases by getting a healthy dose of vitamins C and E as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Some super foods that will help you maintain healthy vision: spinach, eggs, berries, salmon, soy, avocados

Exercise more. Exercise is good for your eyes! Aerobics are good for lowering pressure in your eye. And you can also give your eyes a workout themselves -just by rolling your eyes side-to-side and up-and-down a couple of times a day will help strengthen your eyes and avoid dryness.

Wear proper eye protection outdoors. Last but not least, never forget your proper eyewear before heading outdoors. Always wear sunglasses – good quality with UV ray protection - and even bring a hat with you in case it gets extra sunny and you can’t find shade.

"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light" Matthew 6:22-23 NIV

Linda Peterson, Parish Nurse Church • Office hours; Tuesdays 9am -2p.m.
Church phone 651.439.5970; leave voice mail or staff can relay a message.


President’s Corner

I want to start by saying thank you for placing your trust in myself as your new President!  Our goal this year is to continue to push forward on making our little church the best place to build community and express what it means to be a Lutheran in todays world.  We have made great strides in strengthening our leadership with volunteers who I believe are as dedicated to SPLC as I am.  With the completion of our election on Sunday, we have a full council and all our committees have four or more volunteers working hard behind the scenes.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t want more help or fresh ideas, so if you hear the call to help, please reach out to myself or any of our leaders. 

We have also completed our search, with Gods help, and hired our new Youth Director and Visitation Pastor and it feels great to be getting so many pieces of the puzzle in place.  This will help us to continue to move forward in building community and making improvements here at SPLC.  Also, as we work to get things in place through the interim process, we will soon begin our search for our next Pastor to join us in our goal of Growing in God’s Word and Sharing God’s Love!

I want to end by sharing the devotion I shared with council the other night because I believe it applies to what many of us are experiencing right now.

Just say NO! (

Psalms 27:1-3 The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.

Two hunters came across a bear so big that they dropped their rifles and ran for cover. One man climbed a tree while the other hid in a nearby cave. The bear was in no hurry to eat, so he sat down between the tree and the cave to reflect upon his good fortune. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the hunter in the cave came rushing out, almost ran into the waiting bear, hesitated, and then dashed back in again. The same thing happened a second time. When he emerged for the third time, his companion in the tree frantically called out, "Woody, are you crazy? Stay in the cave till he leaves!" "Can't," panted Woody, "there's another bear in there!"

Ever feel like fear is giving us the run around? Although there are a lot of scary things going on in the world these days and perhaps even in our own personal lives, God has not called us to live in fear. He’s has called us to stand strong in His confidence, knowing that He is in control! He’s called us to live lives full of power, love and a sound mind!

Dr. E. Stanley Jones said “I am inwardly fashioned for faith, not for fear. Fear is not my native land; faith is. I am so made that worry and anxiety are sand in the machinery of life; faith is the oil. I live better by faith and confidence than by fear, doubt, and anxiety. In anxiety and worry, my being is gasping for breath--these are not my native air. But in faith and confidence, I breathe freely--these are my native air.”

Let's say no to fear! Let’s determine to put our hope in the Lord once again today!

God Bless,

Patrick Raleigh



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Menu: Ribchen (Smoked Pork Chops) and Sauerkraut, potatoes, vegetables, dessert and more!

Ticket prices:
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