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Volunteers from our community help clients shop at the Food Shelf four weeks during the year.  We deliver food monthly from donations given by out congregation along with clothes for the Closet.  In 2017 we staffed the food shelf to help clients shop - our 14 volunteers worked a total of 108.6 hours.  Our total amounts from our monthly congregation's monetary donations were $5,208.65 and 1,584 pounds of food.  In March 2017 we participated in the Annual March Food Drive and contributed 985 pounds of food and other non-perishable products and $1,615 (these totals are included in the totals above).  We also participate in their annual “Undie Sunday” collection.  Total amount collected was nearly 7,100 pairs of socks and underwear from St. Croix Valley churches during 2018 Undie Sunday/Week.  

11.2021 Update: They have new hours for donations starting December 1st as follows:  Monday 10am-noon; Tuesday 2-6pm; Wednesday closed; Thursday 2-6pm; and Friday closed.  New service hours will start January 5 and be in our January Newsletter. New this year, we’ll be closed from Friday, December 24 through January 2, 2022 in observance of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  We’ll open on Monday, January 3. Valley Outreach raised more than $190,000 with their Feed the Valley fund raiser. They simply do not have enough volunteers at this time to sort through all of the generous donations they receive.  If you are interested in volunteering to support our clothing program, please fill out an application at


Our quilters meet at the church on the first Thursday of each month.  In 2016 they made 80 quilts of various sizes – youth, crib, lap quilts, and 60 x 80 size – They also meet once each year at Our Savior’s Lutheran in Stillwater as a Synod project for missions.  With the quilts that our quilters made plus some made at the quilting day at Our Savior’s, our quilters donated 120 quilts in 2016.  These quilts went to:  19 to Tanzania; 15 to our local Young Lives; 2 to a Slovakia Orphanage; 22 to our High School graduates; 12 to Simpson House; 1 for a Relay for Life auction; 2 for a Sweet Adeline raffle; 4 to the new homeowners for our 2016 Mississippi Habitat Build; 21 to Rainbow Child Development; 2 to the Hospice program; 5 in our Baptism Faith Chests; 11 as gifts to people in need; 2 to Joseph’s Coats; and 6 were sold at our Holiday Bake sale and the proceeds from those is used to by batting and other needed quilting supplies.


Our “Yarnsters” Prayer Shawl knitters and crocheters meet monthly as a group but also work on project on their own at home during the year.  They knit and crochet prayer shawls, lap robes, cancer caps, newborn baby hats, slippers, mittens, scarves, prayer squares, crosses, baby sweaters and water filter covers.  The items they donated in 2016 included:  881 chemo hats to the oncology department at Lakeview Hospital; 85 baby hats to Lakeview Hospital; 21 water filter covers to Little Sisters of the Poor; 23 prayer shawls, lap robes, prayer squares and/or crosses to shut-ins, surgery patients, etc.; 3 baby afghans to Young Life for their fund raiser; 17 pair of slippers to Dawn’s Closet at Valley Outreach; hats for each family member of our Rainbow Child Development sponsored family members; and numerous hats, mittens and scarves to the Rainbow Child Care Center for children that did not have winter wear. 


We typically prepare and serve Sunday supper at the Simpson House two times each year.  Simpson House is located in Minneapolis and is a homeless shelter.  We also collect towels, blankets, personal care items, and clothing for those at the Simpson House. 

Simpson Housing Services began as an emergency overnight shelter in the basement of Simpson United Methodist Church in 1982. Simpson has since become a leading nonprofit providing assistance to people experiencing homelessness. In response to unmet community needs, our programs have grown to include emergency shelter, single adult supportive housing, and family supportive housing. We work across the metro area, partnering with landlords and developers to find affordable housing for all families and individuals. At any given time, we provide supportive services to 100 individuals and 200 families with over 400 children.

11/2021 Update: Simpson has opted to build on the site of their current shelter in the Whittier neighborhood, where they’ve been operating for nearly four decades. Simpson Housing Services became the official owner of the building in 2019, thanks to a generous gift from Simpson United Methodist Church. They intend to build a modern, welcoming space with a bold, comprehensive plan to support people experiencing homelessness.  Simpson hopes to remain on track securing funding by the second and third quarter of 2022, and embark on construction during the fourth quarter of 2022. The board of directors and staff are committed to securing a temporary location for the shelter during construction, so there will be no interruption in services.  They continue to need volunteers and if you would like to help out in any way, please go to their website www: simpsonhousing,org.  This is the new proposed shelter.  


We share a week in February and again in September with First United Methodist Church in Stillwater to staff this shelter in Oakdale.  St. Andrews and Guardian Angels churches oversee this shelter.  The shelter is for families who are in need of help.  Most of them have jobs and are going to school.  The children all go to school or daycare.  Our weeks involve three shifts:  the gathering in the afternoon, meal serving in the evening, and an overnight shift.  In 2017 we had 18 volunteers who covered 25 shifts for a total of 200 hours.  

11/2021 Update: Hope for the Journey Home is filled to capacity as of a week ago.  The left-over food from our 150 celebration was delivered on Monday, the 15th. Trish had just gotten notice that they were getting four (4) new families in that day and didn’t know what they were going to feed this large group in such a short time.  She was overwhelmed when we showed up with the food and we got many thanks. They had “Give to the Max Day” on Thursday, November 18, with matching funds.  Their report is not in at this time, so will follow up next month.  If you would like to volunteer at their facility, please contact Trish Brokman at 651-738-2223.


We have an on-going collection of clothing and smaller household items that are donated to their facilities in St. Paul.  One of our members is a volunteer at Joseph’s Coat and delivers our donated items when she goes there for her volunteer shifts.

Since 1989, Joseph's Coat has been serving our neediest neighbors in Saint Paul, Minnesota and the surrounding Twin Cities communities.  The free store provides clothing, household items, personal hygiene products, and children’s items.  Over one thousand individuals are served each week through the dedicated efforts of our wonderful volunteers.


At Christmas time we sponsor families with gifts from members of our congregation.  In 2018 we are sponsoring four families.  Each family give us a list of what they could use and then members of our congregation sign up to provide items on the list.  Gift requests have included items like laundry soap, personal care products, pillows, bedding and basic clothing items like winter coats, hats, mittens, and boots, and small household items.  We collect the donated items, wrap them and deliver them to the Rainbow Child Development facility.  Each family also receives a “Fare For All” food box of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

11/2021: Our Annual Christmas sponsorship has begun. Please contact the office for donation information.


St. Paul Lutheran is a member congregation of Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bile Camp in Amery, Wisconsin.  Our youth attend Summer Bible Camp there.  Confirmation retreats are often held there.  We have had staff retreats there.  Our Seniors take a yearly outing to the Christmas Dinner Theater.  We support the camp and their mission with our participation and with monetary donations. 


We help support their programs for seniors through monetary donations each year.  We also have volunteers that help there, we publish their programs and events and encourage our members to participate in them.

Community Thread’s vision is a community where all people are engaged, enriched and connected. We leverage resources and volunteers to improve the quality of life for adults and their families in our local community. We do this by providing services aimed at older adults, particularly those who desire to age in place, as well as advocating for and supporting volunteers throughout the St. Croix Valley region. Our name symbolizes our belief that each act of service is a thread that ties people, communities and lives together.


We help support the work of our local chaplaincy program through monetary donations each year.

St. Croix Chaplaincy Services is a cooperative ministry supported by participating churches of the St. Croix Valley and Lakeview Hospital.  They provide support groups for the community; workshops and seminars for Chaplaincy volunteers; spiritual/emotional support and care to Lakeview Hospital patients and families; offer consultation and support regarding end of life and other ethical concers via the Community Ethics Committee; provide spiritual and emotional emergency crisis support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; are an integral member of the patient care team and offer consultation and support to staff, provide worship events such as memorial services as needed; facilitate the Critical Incident Stress Management protocol during and following a traumatic event; and provide a chapel at the hospital for worship, prayer and meditation for people of all spiritual traditions and faith communities, as well as other services.

Thank you to our members for their support and donations to help make these mission and outreach projects possible.  Thank you, also to Thrivent for their support through their Action Team programs that have helped to provide monetary support for these projects.

Beyond Our Borders


Each year before Christmas, our Sunday School students and congregation members have pulled together to fill shoeboxes with gifts for children around the world that would not otherwise have the joy of receiving a gift at Christmas.  Some families/individuals fill shoeboxes on their own as a special project.  Others donate items that are put together with other donations and used to fill the shoeboxes – the Sunday School students, and whoever else wants to join the, have one Sunday where they put together an assembly line of donated items and fill as many boxes as they have things to work with. 


For many years our Sunday School students and congregation members have partnered with Samaritan’s Purse to put together School Kits for students around the world that would otherwise not have the necessary supplies needed to start their school year.  We have also put together Personal Care Kits for people around the world that do not have the necessary items for general hygiene.   


Our congregation has a sponsor congregation in Tanzania – Mgama Parish.  Since we began our partnership with them, we have supported our parish with monetary gifts which have assisted them to improve their buildings, plant better seeds, sue fertilizers, develop sources for fresh water, plant tree seedlings and to participate in a small loan program.  In the spirit of the Bega Kwa Bega program, they assist these people with all the help they need to become successful in their area.  We also have member donations that help sponsor students to continue their education.  Thank you to everyone who has given to the support of our students in Mgama. The parish committee together with Iringa Synod staff will now be able to interview and assign students to receive funds for secondary school education in 2019. Government does not provide free education for grades after what compares to our 6th grade. When Pastor Larson visited our Mgama parish he was told there are now twelve students attending the university and three more were waiting on their national exam results to see if they could advance. We were able to meet with a sponsored student in 2016. Godluck Ngimba was at the last form level and had plans to attend the university to become a doctor. Your support does make a positive difference in many lives. A scholarship is partial support with the student providing additional funds. To God be the glory for blessings our congregation members have shared with Mgama.


For the past 29 years our congregation has had at least one group each year – some years two groups – that have traveled to Mississippi for a week to build Habitat for Humanity homes.  There is still much to be done there and volunteers are greatly needed. 

YOUR ARE INVITED to be a part of our mission team in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  All ages are welcome. You don’t need any experience. There are always jobs for everyone! Youth 18 and under do need a responsible adult to be paired up with during the week. We do a lot of fun things, learn about the history and culture of the area, meet a lot of great people, eat a lot of good Southern food, and we get a lot of work done! It is a very rewarding and humbling experience and your help is greatly needed and appreciated by a family that desperately needs a home. Please prayerfully consider coming along. For more information, contact Carol at 651-439-5970.  Our 2019 Mission trip dates arer November 2nd - 10th!


WOW!! THANK YOU!! Can you believe that a total of 132,000 meals were packaged during the Meals from the Heart drive in Stillwater during November? There was a total of 450 volunteers, which included the 62 volunteers that packaged the food under the name of St. Paul Lutheran Church. These meals have been distributed in the St. Croix Valley and a lot went to Ruby’s Pantry. Please stop by and take a look at some pictures on the Social Concerns bulletin board. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their schedules to packaged these meals to help feed the people in our area. Social Concerns Committee


In past years we have had groups travel to Jamaica to work for a week at the Children’s Home and care for the children.  We have not had any groups go in the past few years, but we still support their ministry with donations and prayers. 


We provide financial support for their programs on a regular basis.  When needed, we do special offerings for disaster victims.


We provide financial support for their mission and outreach programs.


In addition to our School Kit and Personal Care Kit projects, we provide other financial support or other mission and outreach programs they provide. 


We provide monetary support for World Hunger program needs for emergency assistance programs and other programs they offer.

Thank you to our members for their support and donations to make these mission and outreach projects possible.  Thank you, also to Thrivent for their support through their Action Team programs that have also helped to provide monetary support for these projects.

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