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Come join us in the lounge on Sunday mornings from 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. for a time of learning and community. Grab your cup of coffee and treat and join us in the upstairs lounge.  Adult Forum is not a continuing Bible Study series, so if you miss a Sunday, or have not been at Adult Forum before but want to start coming, you don't have to worry about coming in the middle of a series.    All are welcome!



Adult Education and the Adult Forum

There have been some informal planning discussions around getting a Bible Study going that could at least involve St. Paul’s members in some study of scripture and could possibly be a coordinated time of fellowship and learning with other ELCA churches in the area. St. Paul’s Christian Education committee and St. Paul’s Worship Committee will be consulted in our planning. We’re hoping to have a study of Paul’s letter to the Romans from the New Testament. We’re mindful that the Sunday morning Adult Education time-frame from 10:15 until 11 has been helpful for updating the congregation about matters related to our church-life during this interim period of ministry. People enjoy hearing what’s happening at St. Paul’s in these Adult Forums. As the Call Process moves forward this fall, we’ll continue to covet this crucial time on Sunday morning right after worship to process information and receive feedback from the congregation. Sharing information about the Ministry Site Profile will be crucial in this regard. Therefore, perhaps any formal Bible Study options on Sunday right after worship will have to wait until October. However, the planning and prayerful conversations are beginning now – as we ask God’s blessings on our time of preparation to do what our mission statement says: To Grow in God’s Word and Share God’s Love.


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